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    Trouble with Dreamweaver Images Folder
    I am following a CS5 Dreamweaver Tutorial "How to add pictures and a site logo to your website using dreamweaver CS5" on the website and I have followed as far as i can but am stumped with the following:

    "Copy Your Pictures into Your Local Website's Images Folder

    Now you will need to copy all your pictures into that "images" folder that you've just created. The exact procedure for this varies from system to system.

    For example, if you use Windows, try this. Right click your images folder in Dreamweaver. A menu will appear. Click the "Explore..." item in that menu. A window will open, showing you the contents of that folder. For now, it's empty, since you haven't copied anything there yet. Now click the Windows Start menu and the "Computer" item (for Windows Vista and Windows 7; it's called "My Computer" in Windows XP) in the menu that appears. A new window will open, giving you an overview of all the drives you have on your computer, among other things. With this second window, navigate to the place where you keep your pictures. Select all the images that you want to use on your website. Right click that selection, and choose "Copy" from the menu that appears. Switch to the other window (the one that you opened from within Dreamweaver). Right click the blank space in that window and click "Paste" from the menu that appears. The pictures you previously selected will be copied to your local website's images folder. You can now close both those windows. Don't close Dreamweaver itself. You still need it."

    Can anybody help me???

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    There are several ways that this can be done, but probably the easiest way to do this is through Finder.

    You've created your site, which has a folder of its own. Within that folder is another subfolder that you've labeled images. All you need to do is open Finder and find your site folder, open your images folder and copy and paste any images into that folder that you want to use for your website. Dreamweaver does not have to be open for you to do this.

    You can also create new folders in your site from within Finder and then place files (like PDFs in a docs folder) or anything else that floats your boat.

    Once you open Dreamweaver, these folders and files will be recognized. If they aren't, click the refresh button on the right side of your screen above your Files inspector. They will then show up.

    Again, there are other ways (Adobe Bridge brings images in beautifully), but this is probably the easiest, quickest way to do what you want.
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