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    Custom title when adding to iPad home screen?
    Hi there Mac fans!
    I have a question which I haven't seen anywhere else...

    I made my website in iWeb (along with a lot of extra code added after) and have pretty much achieved everything I wanted from it.

    EXCEPT one thing:

    My title is "Norbi | World-Champion Juggler | Circus Artist", so when my site is added to the iPad home screen, it just shows "Norbi | World". That's kind of bizarre and unhelpful as a title.

    SO: Is there is a possible code to add so that when someone adds my site to the home screen, it puts a different title.

    Thanks guys,

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    Aug 03, 2011
    i am not too sure about this problem but i do know that there is a limit to how big the title is. Im not too sure about the coding to change it, but if you make a version of your website to fit the ipad screen res. you could use some php code to redirect to your mobile site. If you want just reply or inbox me and ill get you the code.

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