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    apache help
    I am just getting into building websites and i am using apache to host my files. i am using dreamweaver to build the site and i place the html site map in the sites folder under my user name but it always takes me to a directory first then i have to click on the html link. how do i get it to just go to this html page by just typing in my ip and username. Also is there anyway to change it so i just have to type in my ip and not the ~andrewhoffman i tried changing the computer name but it wont let me make it blank.

    thanks for your help.

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    you have to have the page named index.html for it to load up automatically.

    andrewhoffman is your username so you can't change that
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    thanks for your help.

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    You don't need the name, I don't know much about how mac uses Apache, however you should be able to just go to that ip as long as you are a true web server using port :80, a s for the index.html that is the default, however you can have apache default to whatever you want in the httpd.conf file, find this, then search it for "index.html" it should bring you to the right line, add a comma and put whatever you want.

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