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    Quote Marks In HTML??
    Hey guys,

    I have run into a rather big brick wall, I do a lot of freelance website design and hand code all my own XHTML.

    I am now on my first piece of coding work on my Mac and have run into a problem, when trying to make quote marks they "tag" onto the previous word ie. div id="left"

    Which leads to the fact that the div above, which is meant to be styled as the #left item in my CSS dictates, doesn't.

    In BBEdit when I press the " key I get a little popup (like the one you get when you change the volume using the keyboard) that says Unmatched "

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? My mate doesn't have this problem with BBEdit so I'm confused.



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    Yeah I don't have that problem either, if you do find out the answer, please post it, so that others can see.

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