I'm working on a WordPress based website - Harvest Retail Marketing | Marketing Solutions for Bicycle Retailers.

There is a testimonial in the lower right hand of the page that rotates through quotes with the name and company that correlate. The script handling this function works in all browsers but creates crazy characters for the name when displayed in Safari.

Any help on what the problem might be would be appreciated.


//set counter to 1
var x = 1;
	You can edit the quotes below this line. They have been separated out by the quote, name and company.
	- Make sure to balance the following variables so that they each have the same amount of lines, if you remove one line, remove it from all of them.
	- Only edit content between the single quotes ''.
var quote = [
'My customers are excited about my store\'s brand not just the brands I sell.',
'Now we use our POS system to track our ROI on all promotions.',
'Harvest is a great partner. They really know the bike business.',
'Harvest has helped make my brand the most recognizable in my market.',
'Harvest makes our email marketing look best-in-class.',
'Direct mail has been an excellent tool for growing our business.',
'Harvest is an excellent partner for marketing our stores.',
'Harvest is a great marketing company that knows bicycle retail. That is rare.',
'Harvest has been an incredible partner in my business.' // note how there is no comma on this last line
var name = [
'Jay Thomas',
'Tyler Klein',
'Tyler Bickel',
'Brent Hulme',
'Kent McNeil',
'Jay Thomas',
'Dave Reilly',
'Mike Olson',
'Bret Gave' // note how there is no comma on this last line
var company = [
'Midwest Cycling',
'Trek Store of Chattanooga',
'Bickel Cycling & Fitness',
'Salt Lake City Bicycle Co.',
'Midwest Cycling',
'David\'s World Cycle',
'Trek Bicycle Superstore',	
'Trek Bicycle Store of Santa Rosa' // note how there is no comma on this last line

//Actual function, don't edit below this line.
function testimonials ()
	//fade out content block, remove any data, then replace data with next set in array
	$('.testimonial-content').fadeOut("slow", function() {
	//fade in content block with new data

	//increase counter once every time