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    Dale B
    Cleaning Text from Mac to PC?
    I use just plain simple ol' text editors for my HTML coding on my mac, and my partner uses a PC, using Notepad.

    When my .html files end up on the PC we get the dreaded square symbols from the mac return, as well as some other unusual characters.

    To remedy this, we have to open the files in Wordpad on the PC, and then resave as HTML again. As annoying as this extra step is, I believe this may be the easiest solution. I have found "Text Cleaning" apps that work, but involve copy and pasting the text and then back again.

    My question then is, is there a Wordpad equivalent for my Mac, so at least I can accomplish this without having to use the PC.

    Any suggestions on this would be great.
    Thank you.

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Textwrangler is the only basic text editor I use on my Mac.

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