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    Question SSL on one directory
    Is it possible to have SSL on one specific directory of a website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbert1
    Is it possible to have SSL on one specific directory of a website?
    The only way I found to ensure it, is to split the directory layout. I have a directory that holds a public directory and another secure directory. Then in my Apache config file I set up the directory paths appropriately. Then I also setup if a username/password is required. That can be controlled in the config file or .htaccess file.

    Unfortunately your going to have to dig into this. It is not something that can be easily answered without assuming you already know how to setup you webserver.

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    I have worked with the config files and .htaccess files - so I'm familiar with them - not an expert by any means though! I just wanted to verify if it was possible or not...sounds like it is. Thanks!

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