I have spoken with customer service about this seveal times. they have been very nice, and very patient.. but the problem persists.

I create a website on iweb. no problem.
because the host of the site doesn't "work" with direct FTP, I publish the site to a folder on my hard drive. no problem.
I then use an FTP program to upload to the host. problem.. but I think that was fixed (it uploaded with permissions set so no one can access the site. I MANUALLY changed the permissions, and now it seems to work.

BUT.. here is wehre the really strange thing happens. I go back into iweb to edit the site.. and many of the files/pictures I added are GONE. I re add. I go through the whole process again.. and once again they are gone.

pages where I directly added text to the page--no problem. pages where I replaced a "placeholder" image iwth one of my own seems to be fine. but other photos added, including "photo album".. gone. and files (PDF) which I had added, and linked to... gone.

They show up on the internet, and in the "published" folder.. but they disapear in iweb itself (and if I re-publish, they disapear up the line as well).


Related to this, I think, is that the some of my files act as if they were locked (although they are not, and when I click "info" the "locked" box is not checked). this problem seems to be unrelated to iweb.