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    I have a MacBook and was looking to host a company website on GoDaddy. I have the option to host through Windows or Linux. What does this mean and which should I pick? [I know html/css/etc coding but am not particularly computer savvy so please don't use difficult computer language lol.]

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    The most common hosting is Linux based.
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    Choosing between Windows and Linux based hosting depends entirely on what it is you want to do with the hosting. If you want to run a blog, for example, which is PHP & MySQL based..then either Windows Linux will do..

    But if you wanted to do something like ASP(.NET) programming or running something like a .NET based blog or something, then you have to use a Windows based hosting.

    If you are going to do pure HTML/CSS (static) pages then either works..back in the day Linux used to be the cheaper hosting option, but I don't believe there is any price difference now.


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    As Raz0rEdge stated, some technologies are only available on certain platforms (more "Windows only" than anything) so take a look at what is offered with each and what you plan to do. If you avoid platform specific technologies, you probably wouldn't notice the difference between the two. What do you plan to do with the site?
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    Thanks, everyone =). It's a pretty basic site, static divs for each page, a flash slideshow on the homepage. I coded it entirely in HTML/CSS.

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    \Yes I agree with the views so far. For a straightforward HTML/CSS site personally I use a linux based hosting package. As a simple 'point and clicker' I don't need ASP or .nET etc. Prices are very similar but so far all my sites have been fine on linus hosting

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