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    Dreamweaver CS4: Phantom SWF?
    Hi there.

    I have a website that I've created with Dreamweaver. In a table DIV are four SWFs that are buttons linking to separate pages. Design View shows that the SWFs are indeed in the table, but when I Live View/look at the website online, the DIVs aren't there.

    I was wondering if I could be pointed in a direction to have the matter solved, as I'm not sure what to be asking.

    I can provide anyone with files if they're interested. Thanks very much in advance.

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    I am guessing it's the way you are referencing the swf files in your HTML so that they show up in design view but not live view or on the server.

    Make sure the it's a site relative path and not something like /Macintosh HD/Desktop/site/name-of-file.swf
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