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    How do I add a tracking code to my iWeb page?
    I want to add a tracking code to my page but I can't seem to get it to "take." I copied the html code from a 3rd party site (Google Analytic) and tried pasting into the html widget in iWeb but when I check the tracking report it keeps telling me the code has not been installed. I have tried placing the text block at various places on the page and still no luck. The directions at Google Analytic tell me where I need to paste it into the html code but to do that I need an html editor or a text editor that can read html.

    Am I doing something wrong with the html widget? If a tracking code can't be added with a widget is there a way I can edit the source code directly? A text editor, maybe? I tried Word but but it wouldn't open the page.

    Thanks for any help!


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    If you are using a web hosting co like BlueHost or even GoDaddy .. they have an online editor that you can use to make simple changes to your web code ... it will be in just html format. but you should be able to just paste the Analytic code towards the bottom. I have not used iWeb ... I'm sure it would make my life easier ... but I like making things difficult for my self for some reason
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    Thanks, but unfortunately I am on Dreamhost and they don't have such a feature. Out of desperation I tried copy/pasting the source code from my browser to Word and saving in plain text as an html file and make the edit that way but I ended up completely distorting and ruining my home page. So I'm back to my original question. Any other ideas?

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    Have you tried exporting your page from iWeb as HTML and then inserting it manually afterwards?
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    Unhappy Tracking code caused headers to disappear
    I tried inserting the Google Analytics code into my website and then once I uploaded, all the headers on all the pages disappeared and I don't know how to get them back. No, I cannot write code and I do not think I can insert it and now I can't find where it is. AND there's no "repair" function in iWeb, not even if I reload the software.

    What do I do now?

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    Try this site

    the guy designed it to build sitemaps, put on metatags, google analytics, etc. just for iweb

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