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    MacBook stolen! retrieve website info?
    I made and published a website using iWeb, hosted by, but didn't back up the files. Now my computer's been stolen - can I get to somehow give me my pages so I don't have to build the site from scratch?

    Thank you for any help!

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    Check that URL. It says MobileMe uses WebDav instead of FTP. It also says FTP clients like Cyberduck and Transmit support WebDav.

    If that is the case you can use one of the clients and grab your files. I know it works with FTP for sure anyway. Been doing that for years.

    Just checked and Transmit for sure does.

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    Having a copy of the website will be comforting, but won't actually help you.

    The files that appear on the MM servers are HTML files. There's no way to import those pages back into iWeb.

    You can certainly use the HTML as a *guide* to help you recreate the pages (particularly copying and pasting the text), but you'll still have to recreate them.

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