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    make my site adjust to different window sizes?

    I'm having some problems with my site and hopefully someone can help me out.

    I want to know how to make my website automatically fit the screen when opened on different sized monitors and to expand and shrink when you drag the size of the browser window.

    I dont know if this will help but I made my website in dreamweaver using a sliced layout from photoshop and it also has embedded vimeo videos. I made it to 1680x1050 just because Its the screen size of my mac.

    Any help would be really appreciated


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    Surely you didn't design the website to take up the WHOLE 1680x1050 screen did you? The normal way to have the website scale is to first create it for a smaller (more common) resolution and then use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to hide the overflow (a CSS option) on your entries..this way if the screen is too small, the overflow will be properly handled (with scroll bars or just hiding it) but with a larger screen everything will look as you designed it..


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    Sep 03, 2009
    I didn't make it to the full resolution just to the size of my browser window which I'm guessing is still to big?
    The thing is I really don't know web design and am just learning as I go in dreamweaver.
    The reason I did it so big instead of going with 1024x768 or something similar was because I thought that it would be better to initially have a large site that could shrink down instead of a smaller site that would lose quality when its stretched for larger screens. And also my design has two vimeo videos embedded on each page which I want to be visible without having to scroll the page.

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    OK I've got the hang of remaking my site now with ap divs and it all seems ok so far.
    Now does anybody know how or if you can embed a vimeo video into a ap div?


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