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    iWeb html snippet not working for mp3 flash players?
    Hello everyone...

    I've been working and googling on some problem for hours that made me nuts
    I hope someone can help.

    I am about to publish a web site on iWeb09. I wanted to embed a flash player for my own made mp3's by html snippet. Here is the site I've got the code and how-to's from:
    How to build a flash music player for your website.

    I'm pretty sure I do everything correct, (putting the swf player files and the song in the same directory, all named lowercase etc.) but the site always gets published without the flash player. (or the mp3 file)
    In iWeb interface I only see the outlines of a transparent object where the player has to be.

    I have 2 questions.

    The mp3 songs live in my own name domain.
    Let's say ""
    I connect to the file via FileZilla and copy the directory.
    The pathway is copied to clipboard starting with "ftp/"
    But link to the file in the code starts with "http:"

    So are these two the same:
    - ""
    - ""

    Because I fill in the codes with changing the "ftp"s to "http"s

    The site goes online. But the html snippets don't work.
    Is it maybe the ftp permissions that won't let the mp3 objects be seen online?

    Or maybe you may have other suggestions for what I might be doing wrong.

    Any help would really be appreciated.



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    Apr 05, 2010
    Btw, I've found a way to make songs appear online, but that might be risky.
    In Firefox's FireFTP, when you go to the mp3 file and right click, it allows you to copy the URL with the option "ftp with login".

    So that the URL which I would like to add to code would be like:

    Is this the standard or am I giving away my username and password?

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    Don't include your username and password - a quick look at the source of your page will reveal your username and password if someone was to take a look.

    First things first (let's start easy) - can you link to the file ok? In other words, can you put a link on your page to the mp3 and have it link properly?
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    Nope! I can only link the file from ftp.
    I've attached a Cyberduck screenshot of how I've used the domain.
    Right clicking on the file to "copy the url" gives me only the ftp location of the file. And putting ftp adress on the code either asks for password to enter the ftp or doesnot work at all.
    I could not seem to find a way to copy the url, starting with http:.....
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    Apr 05, 2010
    Problem solved!
    I've figured out that my problem is from my lack of knowledge of dealing with ftp directories.
    I have published my site on the http directory and copied url's as: ""
    So the http directory became the root. (I guess)
    Anyway, linking the url's as "" made the codes work.
    Now everything work like a charm.
    Thanks and cheers


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    Okay I had the same issues as you. I went through and made the changes you did and everything displayed correctly! BUT when I go to look at the Flash MP3 Player I made online. It only shows the player.. and it just says, "Loading..."

    In Safari I hit Opt+CMD+A to look at all the activity in the browser. And on the iWeb widget it says "2 Errors." I will just attach the picture to this reply. Can you guys help me here? I have been trying to figure this out for 4 hours now and my eyes hurt.
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