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    Saving my website
    My previous computer was stolen along with my websites created in iWeb, which were not backed up. I went to my iDisk and downloaded the sites and now, I cant figure out how to import them back into iWeb. Does anyone know what to do?

    The other part is that I had 3-4 different sites that I would like to create one main page and then have the 3 or 4 sites be in the one site.

    Biggest issue, though is how to import back into iWeb.... Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unless you have the Domain.sites2 file (this is a package file iWeb uses to store all the templates and structure for iWeb to edit) which, I'm sorry to say, was likely on your stolen Mac, you can't import back into iWeb.

    The only way is copy and paste from what you've got and rebuild that way.

    I know it's hindsight help but if you use an online tool like DropBox and place you domain.sites2 file in your dropbox folder it will be autmatically backed up to free online storage so that if the worst happens you can retrieve it from any machine.

    Sorry I've no better news. Hopefully someone else will have a silver bullit for your problem but I've never found one.

    Welcome to the forums BTW.


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    As mrplow says, you can't import back into iWeb.

    But all is not lost.

    What you downloaded back was an HTML version of your site (iWeb doesn't natively work in HTML code, it writes it on export). You can open the HTML file locally (in, for example, Safari) and either:

    a. Use it as a visual guide to re-create the site in iWeb, making use of copy and paste for the various elements should be a quick job.

    b. You could open the HTML files in a real web editor and manually make any changes to the code, then just re-upload (method A is better if we're talking anything more than minor changes).

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