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Thread: website cross-platform comp.

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    Aug 17, 2010
    website cross-platform comp.
    I'm designing a website and trying to make it compatible across browsers and platforms. I've tested on IE, FF and Chrome on windows and linux. I'd like to see what it looks like on an apple (safari?), but i don't have access to one. Could someone please visit americangembox dot com and let me know what it looks like? (please also test the shopping cart, it is a very simple cart)
    Any comments also appreciated. Thank you.

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    Was just there. Site looks and works OK, albeit a bit slow but that's probably the fault of the server. Shopping cart is working also. Good luck with it.

    (Using Safari 5.0.1 for OS X which is the latest version)


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    You could always download Safari for Windows. You can get it here.
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    Yeah, it's on a shared server, that's probably why it's slow. Anyway, thanks for taking a look, glad it looks fine.
    vansmith, thank you for the link.

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