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    what is the root of my website (dropbox)
    im publishing an iweb site using dropbox.... and i need to upload something from google to the root of my site.... where can i find it?
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    Usually it would be the first folder where your site is located in.
    Are you sure that you can do this with dropbox? It can host websites but it is very limited.
    TipsAndTricks/HostWebsites - Dropbox Wiki

    You would probably get better help with this on Dropboxes forum/Help Center.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple-Tutorials View Post
    ... i need to upload something from google to the root of my site...
    I'm assuming this is for something like Google's Web Master Tools, or Analytics? The root of your website is the same folder that your index.html is saved in.

    That said I really don't recommend serving website from your Dropbox, while it is a great service, there are a couple of great free webhosts out there, AwardSpace is worth looking into.

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