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    Question website and SEO
    I created a website on iweb and published it and hosted it through mobile me. I then tried to use the iweb SEO tool to add meta titles and tags. The tags and titles added but the whole website totally changes in appearance. Someone told me that it must have altered the html of the website.

    Does anyone know if by changing my website host from mobile me to someone else it will solve the problem.....or do I need to construct a new website using different software to iweb?


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    Someone told me that it must have altered the html of the website
    Well obviously....

    If you cared about SEO at all, you wouldn't use iWeb anyway.

    MobileMe isn't the problem. I recommend learning HTML and doing the site by hand. is a good start.

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    If you have little to no web development experience I wouldn't recommend messing with the code until you have gone through some kind of tutorial. If you want to learn - great! As Unibody said w3schools is a great place to start.

    If you don't want to learn you have a couple of choices;
    1) You can hire a web-dev to do it for you (DM me and we can discuss something)
    2) Look into SquareSpace who will deal with everything from design, hosting, SEO, etc.

    Hope that helps.


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    You are doing something if your site changes when using iWeb SEO Tool. Either your site was not fully published or you entered bad code yourself.

    Make sure you are using the tool correctly. Here is a video on how to use it correctly;

    Mac Software Video Tutorials Blog Archive How to use iWeb SEO Tool 1.8

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