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    Have to help my godmother make a site, please help
    My godmother recently called me and asked if I could help her make a website. She does consultant work and she wants to point her potential customers to her website. I'm only 15 so I don't have much experience making website (Except HTML and CSS), like you other webmasters So she wants a site that's easy to maintain because she doesn't have web experience. So what I'm asking in a nutshell is how could she make a well made professional site, without her having much programming experience? I know that she'll need a domain name and web hosting.

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    PM sent.

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    She could run her sire as a blog using WordPress, or use a content system like Joomla.

    Both the above use a template system, but if you know enough CSS and html, you can find a skin online for these systems, that is close to your intended design - and skin it by editing the templates CSS to match what you want.

    Once you get used to Joomla or Wordpress, you can teach her how to update her own site using just a web browser.
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    I would recommend something like Build a Website - Create a Blog - Squarespace

    They will deal with the design, hosting, domain, etc. Then all you need to do is to use their editor to add pages and content. It's really simple to do!

    (FYI; I'm not endorsed by SquareSpace or anything, they just provide a good service!)

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