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    using iweb file as interactive publication
    I'm new to the forum and web creation. I've been a graphic designer for 25 years and now know I have to finally jump into the web aspect of the field.

    iWeb, so far, looks as though it may be the program for me. I would have to purchase the 08 version to be compatible with my set up, which is fine. I thought about using Quark 7.5, but it's seems awfully complicated and not much documentation to help.

    The question is, at the moment, I have a couple of clients who would like me to design interactive publications for their existing websites. Up until this point, I've been supplying and they have been linking to pdfs.

    If I were to create a website in iWeb to look like a newsletter, could it be used as a link to an existing site rather than being published as a site on its own?

    Also, if there is a better program, I would welcome any suggestions.

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    For the situation you have described, iWeb (as much as I like it) would be the single WORST application you could possibly choose.

    I'd encourage you to look closely at Freeway -- particularly for people who are comfortable with graphic design programs like Quark and InDesign -- or Rapidweaver as better options for what you are wanting to do there. iWeb is GREAT for putting together self-contained, personal websites, but it's VERY limited beyond that.

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