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Thread: .com or .net

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    Jul 22, 2010
    .com or .net
    I'm looking to register a domain name for a new product I'm developing. The .com for my product name, call it "" is already registered (though not currently in use).

    Would I be better off using a .net like "" instead or something related like ""?

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    my personal opinion --having had both i prefer .com, simply because that is what most people know and/or assume a domain ends with.

    ps. welcome..
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    Well .com is usually associated with a company and .net is network but I don't think people really pay attention to that kind of stuff anymore.

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    If you can still find a suitable .com, go for it! At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter because if people like what they see and intend to return, they will bookmark it and the domain name really doesn't matter at that point any more.

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    By default people will always go to the .com address..and if they remember, the .org, .net and so you're better of trying to find an alternate .com address that will not be easily mistaken for the existing .com name..

    Otherwise, if that other page has some advertising or're going to be driving good traffic to that site..


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