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    Hey guys!

    Glee Un-Official Fan Site - Home Don't worry it's not spam just free hosting until I get a grasp of web development and actually want to pay

    I went to this camp last week and it was about web development and flash animation. Prior to going to this camp, I made one VERY VERY VERY basic site using BBedit. So this is a big improvement This site was made using my basic knowledge of XHTML/HTML and CSS. I made it in Dreamweaver and it's my second site EVER! What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

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    Pretty nice I'd say.

    Your "banner" across the top is exactly the same size as an ad banner, and consequently some adblockers will block it.

    The graphic on the "Sneak Peak Season 2" page needs to be downsized in terms of resolution -- takes way too long to load! Try using GraphicConverter or something like that to scale it to the exact size you want @ 72dpi.

    Obviously there's more you COULD do (isn't there always?), but all the important things are there -- good content, graphics, easy navigation, and its not ugly. Good job!

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