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    Angry I am a java noob! Please help!
    Hey, i want to learn java web, but the online tutorials are acting like i took a class. here in the FIRST tutorial.

    Create a class for the main windows then check syntax
    It doesn't give any code snippets.

    Plese tell me where to start, from beginner knowing nothing, to atleast a amuture.

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    A good place to start, as you know nothing, is with Sun's own Java tutorial. You can read it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
    A good place to start, as you know nothing, is with Sun's own Java tutorial. You can read it here.

    Thank you vansmith, just what I needed.

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    Through googling i have found the link below that will help you a lot as you are at initial stage. Please go through the links i hope they will guide you.

    Learn Java online with Java Beginner Tutorial

    Java tutorial for beginners |


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