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    Can anyone point me in the right direction, I have an online store that I have been trying to bring people to but I dont seem to be having luck, any ideas? maybe you can reccomend a company that does SEO, I have done all research on my keywords etc but Im obviously an amature at website marketing

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    Well, ur in for quite a ride.

    Be very careful with SEO companies, many of them don't know what their doing, and in reality unless you really want to spend thousands of dollars for the real pros, then you risk a lot working with the shady and unknowledgeable SEOs. Many people have hired these so called "SEO experts" only to wind up getting penalized or banned by Google.

    I recommend taking a look at, JR's Internet Marketing, this blog has truly useful step-by-step guides for SEO and Internet marketing. JR is a great blogger and I learned a lot from her.

    In the section Make Money Online for Beginners - she has several guides listed by category, one of which is SEO, tons of stuff there to get started.

    I also recommend looking at the categories in the sidebar and reading through some of the posts.

    Other great blogs are
    Court's Internet Marketing Blog - Check out all the posts especially his best work in the sidebar.

    Forums That Will Help You
    5 Star Affiliate Marketing - Excellent resource with very helpful and knowledgeable people, I learned a lot there too. Ask anything, and you will get helpful answers and make sure to browse their categories and existing posts.

    Warrior Forum - Another great forum to learn and ask questions.

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    You may also want to visit our sister site, to see if they have any advice as well.
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    Also, I forgot to mention, SEO Book, an SEO blog and course by Aaron Wall, one of the ultimate experts in SEO.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that there is quite a bit of information that you will need to learn, but do not be discouraged, with experience it just gets easier.

    And, it's always best to learn what to do, and even more important what not do, than to leave your business in the hands of others who might ruin it. Once the SE's, and especially Google flags your domain, or it gets a penalty, as is common with unscrupulous SEO firms, it is really for life. Totally not worth ruining your business, especially e-commerce, best to learn all you can, and do it right!

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