Hi there dearest users,

I'm using iWeb 1.1.2 My slideshow works on the locally published folder but NOT when i publish to a server. I uploaded it using FTP in dreamweaver.

When I try to open the slideshow or indeed make any picture bigger I just get a grey frame with a few buttons - ie the shell of the slideshow.

I went to where the local files are kept and looked in the slideshow assets folder. Interestingly the slideshow.html file brought up the same grey shell and not the slideshow.

Is it because I didn't publish to .mac? People say some functions don't work but otheres claim their slideshows are fine when they publish outside .mac

Any ideas on how to fix or get around this problem? Perhaps I should use some other way to display images. My site is for a make-up artist so images are important.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks yolan