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    Simple Website Editor
    I apologize if this has been asked before (I've got a feeling it has), but I've started an iPhone development business and the time has come to create a simple website. I was wondering what would be the quickest way to get a basic website up and running. I don't need anything fancy, just a way to create a simple page hierarchy (Home, Apps ---> AppA AppB AppC, News, Support), add some type of banner/logo and slightly customize the layout if needed.

    I'd prefer a WYSIWYG editor (whether online or an application) seeing as my HTML and CSS is a bit lacking compared to my C++ , but anything that would get the job done with minimal fuss would be much appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

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    iWeb all the way. I used to use the given online web editor that my first website had, but after ahile, I didn't like it as much, and I ahd to pay extra for many things. So i gave iWeb a shot with another site which allow for FTP uploading staright through iWeb, and i like the outcome. It's actually in my signature if you want tot ake a look at it.

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    I agree all the way, iWeb is perfect for someone not that familiar with HTML. you can add HTML snippets to customize it the way you like and there are absolutely no fees. you can also add adsense ads easily with the built in widget which i like as well.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm definitely going to check out iWeb.

    BTW mknabster, I really like the look of your site. Great stuff .

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    Just a little step up from iWeb (if needed) is Rapidweaver. But definitely check out iWeb first.

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