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Thread: Convert HTML site to iWeb

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    Convert HTML site to iWeb
    I have a complete site written in HTML. I want to re-do the entire thing in iWeb. I'm not talking about "adding" HTML in an iWeb template.

    Basically I'm going to need to create a template with the HTML look in iWeb.

    Does anyone know how to do this?
    Is there a company that I can pay to do it?

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    You'll have to completely re-work you site in iWeb. You can add snippets of html code here and are but not to do the entire site on.

    If you give me a link to your site, my company could take your existing site and replicate it as best we can in iWeb, providing you with an easy way of managing your site. I run Nothing Is Sound Productions, drop me an e-mail at ben(at) (at = @) with some more information.

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    As TB said, iWeb is NOT the tool you want if you want to take an existing HTML site and work on it further.

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