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Thread: Website hosting with lots of music

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    Website hosting with lots of music

    I'm a media composer, just getting around to sorting out a website. Something that is very new to me.

    I've read hundreds of threads and websites about how to go about creating a website but there are lots of things still confusing me, so I hope you might be able to change that!

    I'm going to be using the website as a showreel. Keeping a website up to date is much easier than re-sending a DVD showreel to dozens of companies!

    This does cause the issue of hosting video clips, and dozens of sound files. I'm also going to throw in an additional problem of not wanting to spend hundreds of pounds on the site - I don't want the jobs it (hopefully) will get me to go completely back into funding the website!

    So, I thought I'd walk you through the research I've done already to make it easier for us all, I hope!

    There are a lot of questions here, so if you can answer any of these questions that would be great!!


    I have iWeb, and have been drafting up a website design at the moment. I do not have mobileme, but if it is the best option then of course I will go that route. The option to host elsewhere creates confusions with where to host... is probably going to be my music hosting site. So any music links will be in the form of a soundcloud 'play-button'. Will this keep my download limit down? With several tracks of music, over several potential clients, I want to try and keep the monthly transfer as low as possible so that my site is always available. Also, is it easy to add to the website? is probably going to be my video hosting site. So as above any video links will be in the form of a youtube video. Again, how will this effect my monthly transfer? Is it easy to add to the website?

    Pictures and design of the website... I have a photographer friend who will be creating some of the site images for me, so that I avoid looking too much like an iWeb site and avoid using copyrighted images. However, high res images are biiiiig. What is the best way of keeping the size down so that it loads quickly, simply and without hogging the monthly transfer rate?

    Hosting. Is iWeb a good idea? I have had MacHighway • Mac Compatible Web Hosting, Email and eCommerce for Mac Users, by Mac Users • Hosting Plans and Cheap Web Hosting Options from 9.99 per year - Dream Hosting recommended to me as well. Any others?
    The hosting is the main worry/confusion in the matter really. Ideally I'm after a cheap/free option that is reliable so that when a client looks for it it will be there, easily. But I'm not in a financially stable position at the moment to a level that I can splash out on the big monthly plans. On the other hand I also don't want to look amateur - which a would probably look.

    Also, what is the difference between webspace and GB per month? I think webspace is the size of the website (including youtube/soundcloud files?) where as the GB per month is how often the site is used/downloaded each month?

    I've also been offered (for the price of a beer) to host my webiste on a friend's server. Obvious benefits include being essentially free, but what are the disadvantages other than him telling me to go elsewhere?

    Domain name. Again, I have a few recommendations from friends such as Cheap domain prices & bulk domain name registration - 123Reg . I have pretty much decided on my name, which I have checked to be available but won't put it up here yet til I've bought it for obvious reasons..! Is there a right and wrong way to do this? I'm uk based, so a is the main domain I expect. Do I need a .com as well just in case?

    Finally, I think, email address... Quite a few of these hosting sites provide email addresses to go with the site's domain name etc. Who's holding on to these emails? I have a hotmail (windows) and gmail (google) email already, whose owners are self explanatory, but where are these emails kept? If it is something to pay more for, is it worth it? Does a look any less professional?

    Thanks very much for any type of reply! It is very much appreciated!!


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    Thanks very much for the links!

    I'll have a watch/read and get back to you if I have any questions.

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