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    Web Designing Software
    What is the best web designing software for Mac (I'm not a pro). I want to build a website and already have a domain,host.

    Simple siite to include:
    a blog, picture place...

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    I would recommend Dreamweaver. It's a really comprehensive tool and you can get a 30day free trial from It takes a little bit of time to get used to but in my opinion there is nothing better out there for the new user. I even know people who do web stuff for a living and they do all their coding and design in Dreamweaver.

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    What about contribute? it's basically the same as Dreamweaver, but with not as many features? Kind of like Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.. I have not used Contribute, but if someone has, could you speak up and either confirm or deny the similarities? I know it's a lot cheaper than Dreamweaver

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    Dreamweaver = $$$$$$ for sure. If you attend college I know alot of places provide the really expensive stuff for free, you might want to check that out.

    Never heard of Contribute, I'd like to hear something about it.

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    Check out Nvu (

    It's free, cross platform (Windows and Linux as well as Mac) and the Mac version is a proper Mac application. Very much like Frontpage and uses tables for layout. When I switched from Windows to Mac for most of my work I started using it and its great. I think it's associated with Mozilla Firefox but I'm not sure. Anyway, give it a try before you lash out the dollars on Dreamweaver!

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    Contribute is more of a maintenance type of software and isn't really made to actually design pages. That aside it is a great product and I suggest it most of the time for clients who want to take over maintaining their site on their own.

    Dreamweaver probably has a decent learning curve but it a great program that writes fairly clean code and has a good design interface. It would be my suggestion unless this is the only site you will ever design in which case it would be expensive and kinda overkill.

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    I am going to have to recomend dreamweaver, I actually made websites when I was a freshmen in HS using dream weaver and flash, 2 very good programs, and If I learned how to use them as freshmen, you should have no problem picking them up.
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