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Thread: Getting Clients

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    Getting Clients
    I notice some of us on here utilize our interests in graphics/devlopment to make some extra cash. Some of us may even do it full time. I have been doing design for about 5 years now. I have mainly worked for the same website ( )

    I am trying to get more clients on the side. I want to work nights to help pay for college. This brings me to my question:

    What is the best way to go about getting new clients? I have experience, and have developed a good portfolio, but I am stuck as of now. Does anyone have strategies, or methods that have been successful? I think this thread will benefit many other designers as well. Were a family!

    I would appreciate any help you may anything! Tips, methods, tricks, experiences, etc...

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    Hey, well I'm also a webdesigner and graphics artists. the best way I got new clients were through word of mouth... Another good way is to actually make some flyers and hit up the local small businesses near your area... and start hitting the market up... about 8 of 10 small businesses won't have websites. Easy market =)

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