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    iWeb-ways to publish a site?
    Hi! really basic questions here I have never had a blog or a website and am wanting to put together something for my family... the iWeb looks super simple to use and I'd love to go that route (unless there are other suggestions?), but.... i'm not a MobileMe subscriber and would love to NOT have to pay to have my site up. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure MobileMe is awesome, but $99 a year (or whatever it is) is pretty steep, i think....

    So... if i created my website using iWeb, would I be able to publish it any other way?


    ETA: We have a WIndows Home Server, so can we integrate that into the process?

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    Yes, you can publish via FTP to another hosting site or can publish to a local folder and do what you need to from that.

    To choose how the publishing is done, select the site name and a panel will appear to allow you select you option and fill in the information as needed. Experiment.
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    $100 may seem pretty steep but consider this. It will be very integrated and easy to use and comes with all the other services of MobileMe. Also GoDaddy may seem cheap on the surface, but they'll charge you addition for hosting a website too. The $2 is for registering a domain only. So look at all your options and consider all the cost and benefits first.

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