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Thread: iWeb Uploading 404 Error

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    iWeb Uploading 404 Error
    Hi everyone,

    I have a website at:

    I've just made a website using iWeb and very new to the program but found it really easy to use.

    So I wanted to delete the old site and replace it with the new one.
    I used FileZilla and deleted everything off the remote site so that all that was left was the directory "/" the remote was now empty.

    I then went into iWeb and typed in all my details..tested the FTP connection and started to upload my site to

    When it was done I got an error (that i've attached).

    This is when I uploaded my old site that i'd saved in a local folder, but this also resulted in the same error - and now neither webpage works..

    Did I delete files off the remote that i shouldn't have?
    It's really important I get this page up and running, any help would be appreciated..! Thanks!
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    Talk to your hosting service. I suspect that you may have deleted to high up the directory path. Often there is a www or public_html folder at the top level where you place your actual web files.
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