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    anonymous browsing?
    any software (preferbally freeware) for OSX that makes it so a website cant get your real ip addy, or other personal info..

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    Have you tried the private browsing feature in Safari that came with Tiger? (Sorry if that isn't what you're looking for,,,, heck, I don't even have Tiger, I got that info from another thread... :biohazard )

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    google is your friend at times like this

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    I think he wanted a program not a service, but I am sure he willl like that link. I don't know of any programs that can do it for mac.
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    Tor can do it. It is more a program than a service. It makes use of a network of hosting servers but it is the closest I can think of to a usable anonymous network. You could use a bounce or even try routing through freenet (good luck) but Tor seems to strike the balance between usability and privacy best to me.

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    if your just browsing , and you use fire fox , there is the Switch Proxy plug in , it'll allow you to connect to a proxy and surf anonymously, you can get it Here

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