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    HTML5 video not playing in Safari on PowerPC macs?
    Hi Guys,

    I have a video which I want to play as HTML5, for some odd reason though the video doesn't ever play when viewed in Safari (4.0.5) while using a PowerPC mac (10.5.8). I have tested this with other PowerPC macs and it's the same for all of them. The video does not display or play. Oddly however, when you view the same video with the same PowerPC computers with firefox, it plays perfectly fine. I'm testing with the most recent version of safari and firefox on 10.5.8.

    The video doesn't seem to even attempt to play, a control panel appears (Screen shot) but as soon as I click play, the page freezes up and eventually crashes. No video footage ever plays. What is even more odd is that the same HTML5 video plays just fine in Safari (4.0.5) when viewed using any Intel mac (All using 10.6.something).

    The problem seems to be one of a few things: it's either a powerPC using safari or it's something to do with OS 10.5. Or, it's something I haven't thought of! Has anyone else encountered this and/or know a solution?

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    Is this "video" on the internet...where other folks with PowerPC Mac's running OS 10.5 can try and play/view it?

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    An odd turn of events. It seems that after a while (approx 2.5 minutes) the video will begin to play on the PowerPC mac within safari. This occurs after Safari almost freezes and becomes very unresponsive. The video will then play "normally" as if there is no issue. What could be the cause of this delay?

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