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Thread: Apache and root folders

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    Apache and root folders
    Reading the previous post this is a follow on from ethea's post, so hopefully some feedback will help us both.

    To set the picture, i have been creating PHP scripts and testing them on a web sever that it hosted by Lunarpages. So as is the norm i have a username/password etc along with FTP details so i can connect to this server and upload files. Then i test them using a www url.

    My MySQL databases reside on my MAC and i can run queries etc from the Terminal. I have created a user name for myself and a password.

    The next step is for me to get PHP and MySQL talking. I had access issues connecting to my database from the remote server, so have decided to store my PHP scripts on my Mac.

    Apache 1.3 is running fine, and i believe PHP is already installed (if not i can download it), however im not sure how to display HTML/PHP pages in the web browser via localhost (replacing the Apache welcome page). Can anybody tell me where to put files so i can see them in the browser? It sounds dumb but i cant even get phpinfo() to be displayed.

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    I know the lack of response has been a little discouraging...I have been looking online for help for a few days. I will let you know if I find anything.

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    Try this site:

    He has some pretty good tutorials.

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    Hey Ethea,

    I got my problem sorted. What i did is download PHP5 onto my Mac and ran the PHP code from the same box as the MySQL database, and the two connect fine.

    However im still having problems connecting remotely. As i mentioned the PHP scripts on my other hosting server to got connect to my db on my Mac. Its one of those hosting companies though that only allows one db to be created.

    So im waiting until our company gets a server of our own and then that will be the most practical solution.

    Also make sure your Apache server is on Apple >> System Preferences etc

    Sorry i cannot be anymore help

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