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    Must have Mac apps for web developers
    Please add to the list if you can.

    Sequel Pro:
    It's like phpMyAdmin with Apple's polished interface. I'm in love with this thing, it makes managing MySQL databases a dream. I wish there was an equivalent for Postgre, though.

    It's an SSH/FTP client and text editor in one. Another program I cannot live without.

    This lets you download an entire website (or parts of it) to your computer. This can be useful if you want to learn how a particular website design works.

    A utility that lets you store all your passwords (and generate random ones). If you have access to ~25 SSH servers like I, this is useful for keeping track of them all.

    Hmm, I thought I'd have more. If you don't like Coda, Cyberduck and TextWrangler make a good replacement.

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    I really like what sitesucker dose, All though isn't it copyrighted? Well not if you use it on your own site right?
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    Maybe Coda is better, but this is a really cool CSS editor

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    Sequel Pro is amazing. <3

    I prefer BBEdit for my coding/text editing. I don't know why really, it's just awesome. Might download the Coda trial though and see if it can change my mind.

    Also, I use 1Password for all my password needs. It's brilliant.

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    Another vote for Sequel Pro, I used SQL Manager J before and Sequel Pro knocks it into a cocked hat. I also use Heidi in Windows on Parallels horrible interface and overly complicated.

    Another Application I've found to be invaluable is MAMP (I use the Pro version as I have several sites). It provides an Apache, MySQL and PHP server inside the Application, so you don't have to use the built-in Mac one.

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    Fugu is a great SFTP client for mac that's made life easier for me when I'm doing stuff server-side.

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    Dunno what I'd do without Navicat and Markup (for iPad).

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    If you haven't seen the firebug addon for firefox your missing out huge. It saves me literally hundreds of hours searching css files.

    It'll blow your mind mang

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