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    Website design for my g4
    Ive just bought a g4 powerbook and wanna get a website designer. Can anyone reccomend or tell me of any cheapish (less then 200/$200) programs available?


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    this thread will be more helpful here for everyone to find

    BBEdit is a really good one, and is only $179.

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    Yes, BBEdit is good, but you'll have to learn some html to be able to use it. If you want to avoid learning any type of code you'll have to go for a more expensive wysiwyg program like Macromedia Dreamweaver.

    If you are serious about webdesign, do invest in BBEdit and do learn some html code - it'll do you a lot of good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muso
    ve just bought a g4 powerbook and wanna get a website designer.
    Hey ! I'm cheap !
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