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    Apr 04, 2010
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    Wrapping text and showing table in iweb

    Have just started to use iweb to build webpage and have become stuck on a couple of issues.

    1. For the life of me i can't work out how to get text wrapped around photos. I have a text box with text and then in that another text box to put the photo in. I go to inspector and check the wrap text, so far so good, then i drag a photo over but as i do the smaller text box disappears and the photo ends up in the top left corner every time!

    2. I want to add a small table from pages, but i can't get it to appear in an iweb page the table disappears and the text is all muddled, which makes two of us! Any suggestions welcomed!

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    Apr 04, 2010
    Hvar Croatia
    mac book pr 10.6.3
    wrapping text
    Thanks for the reply, nothing in help that i can find about wrapping!

    I have highlighted wrap in inspector and it gives 2 options but neither allows me to high light them is there a reason for this?


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