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    Question dreamweaver to iWeb
    I have CS4 with Dreamweaver and Flash. I have a client who wants to be able to update and make changes to his site by himself but he ONLY has iWeb. Is it possible for him to make changes in a site that is designed in Dreamweaver?

    Maybe a better option would be to customize a site in iWeb as much as possible and add some dynamic aspects? I'm not that familiar with iWeb but figure that it can't be that difficult to learn.

    Any thoughts on this?


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    1. No.

    2. No.

    Look into Adobe's Contribute product, I think that will accomplish your goal.

    Alternatively, Wordpress might also be an option.

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    Kindly explain that iWeb is built to be a lowest common denominator solution for people who want to put up what amounts to little more than a single-user, static web page. It's only editable in iWeb.

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    Yes, contribute is what you need. Charge an additional 175 on top of whatever you do, and GIVE a contribute serial number to your client. They will appreciate being able to login and change whatever they want to content wise, without editing your initial design.

    If you do a smaller web design company, just tell them to email you updates once a month. any more than that, and you will have to charge them a convenience charge.


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    I have personally used contribute. Make sure you use the check in/out option in dreamweaver for the contribute to work for them. You can see when they updated a page.

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