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Thread: FTP in Safari

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    Unhappy FTP in Safari
    Hi there.
    I'm in a band, and my guitarist has recently set up an FTP server-type thing so we can all easily upload and download recordings of riffs, Guitar Pro files, etc.
    The problem is, when I put the link for the server in Safari's address bar, It:

    1. Opens Connect To Server
    2. Connects
    3. Asks for name and password
    4. I get a warning saying "Finder cannot complete the operation 'cause some data in (server name) could not be written or read."
    (Error code -36)

    I've successfully used Firefox to get on the server. There's no reason why Safari shouldn't be able to.
    And I would MUCH prefer if I didn't have to download an FTP program.
    Any tips?

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    I believe the reason for this is because Safari's "ftp://" command mounts sites as READ-ONLY.

    Yes, that's stupid. No, I don't know why it does that.

    Just use FF for this purpose, or use a "real" FTP program.

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    Safari, and all other internet browsers, are horrible at FTP.

    I would recommend downloading an FTP client. There are some really great ones that are free, small, and simple. When I used one, I had a PC and used Winscp - I'm not sure if they are available for Macs or have Mac compatibility though.

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    I have always much preferred a real FTP client. For the Mac a good Free client is Cyberduck. Many here at Mac Forums use it.

    I prefer Transmit myself but it's a pay client.

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    Cyberduck is good (use it extensively here). Just got Flow and haven't tried it much but it looks promising.

    You're really not going to get a good FTP experience with a browser as others have mentioned. An FTP client really is the way to go.
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