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    Internet Explorer risk

    I currently use a IMac 20" and I would like to know if anyone has more than one browser installed and if so does this require antivirus sortware?

    I need the different IE browsers , 5, 6 & 7 so that I can view webpages and see if there are any issues before the pages are published but I dont want to have to upload Windows on my machine if I have to so I would like to know if its possible to install Internet explore versions without the antivirus software, I will be viewing the webpages off line.



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    I do all my programming on Mac but do have a PC workstation for testing lots of stuff. On my Mac I only have Safari and Firefox. I test all my web pages in FF and then Safari. Most of our clients in the past ( When i worked as a Developer ) all used IE and it caused us major headaches to an extent when it came to web programming. I do not see why you would require anti virus for having browsers installed. Never heard of this before.

    Are you using all the IE hacks to help IE display the programming correctly?.

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    There is a site that presents different browser results to URLs you give it. Unfortunately I don't recall the name. Also, I think it is a pay service. It may have been mentioned in these forums before.
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    Sounds like you are using Boot Camp or similar to run Windows on your iMac? If so, download Microsoft Security Essentials and install on the Windows partition. You get get viri etc on the Windows OS, which then needs the partition to be deleted and another set up of Windows.

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