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    Dec 04, 2009

    I'm in the market for a web design programme for my iMac - I have very little knowledge of HTML and even less knowledge of CSS. I've read many good things about Rapidweaver, but most reviews are from years ago.

    Is anyone using it now?

    Any advice or suggested alternatives?


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    Rapiswaever is certainly a good template based wen applications, but have you given iWeb a go yet?
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    Dec 04, 2009
    I haven't, as I've heard it very restrictive. I've used Mr Site - which I found awful. so I've transferred to a new hosty and I'm looking for a new design suite. Do you use Rapidweaver?

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    Rapidweaver is a bit more than a template-based website designer. It's sort of in the middle of a full-blown editor like Dreamweaver and something like iWeb.

    I personally love it. I have an older version, but it's still quite capable. You can always download a trial version and see if you like it.
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    Dec 04, 2009
    That's good enough for me, thanks cwa107.

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    I tried iWeb and didn't like it, found RapidWeaver and found it did what I wanted, had plenty of plug-in's and themes and good support. No regrets having gone with it at all.

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