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    Joomla vs. Drupal
    I have read countless articles on this topic, but still can't come to a conclusion.

    I am familiar with DotNetNuke and have had enough of it. The ASP language is way over my head, since I'm more experienced with PHP anyways.

    My next project is to create a site that allows certain users to upload a video and also have a description below it. I'm sure both of these platforms can handle such a simple request, but hearing some more advice from you guys would be great.

    I also develop a lot of skins for DotNetNuke, and would need to continue to do that on whichever new platform I choose. Is one better than another at developing skins?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've played with virtually every CMS out there at one point of time..and Drupal and Joomla are by far some of the most advanced programs with a ton of plugins and customization possibilities..but with this comes a steep learning curve..

    Both of have the capabilities of using alternate theme/skins..a lot of websites go to Drupal for sites that might take a beating..


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    I do not like the ASP language and do not see a need for most developers to learn or use it. Yes, I am an avid lover of PHP. Though PHP is more universal and can be run on more wide range of servers. I like that. When I started my degree in programming, I was quick to get into PHP.

    I worked in Web Development and would personally go with Joomla.
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    Personally I prefer Joomla as it's the first one I used for building a website it's also fairly easy to setup and to work with. I've not really used Drupal that much so I don't know as much about it as I do with Joomla.

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