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    Using MobileMe as a Wordpress host
    Does anyone have experience hosting Wordpress on their MobileMe? I have the domain name registered, but am having a difficult time trying to figure out the next steps. I don't want to have to purchase web hosting since I already have MobileMe. Any help towards the right direction would be great!

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    Wordpress will not work with MobileMe since it uses the PHP scripting language and a back-end database (MySQL) to work. These features are not supported by MobileMe. For a blog on MobileMe you would have to use iWeb's built in feature if that works for you. If not, you should consider finding a regular web hosting company that supports WordPress such as my own company, MacHighway. We have a Wordpress package called the "Blog" for $29.95 a year, but most hosting companies can host a Wordpress powered site. I do believe even does hosting as well.

    Hopefully that was helpful.
    Chris Graves
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