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Thread: new install (php 5.3) giving problems

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    new install (php 5.3) giving problems
    Hi all,
    Thanks for the space you allow to get some help.

    I recently just installed OS 10.6. It comes with apache2 and php 5.3.
    Problem is that I'm getting all sorts of error messages and worst of all it seems that i'm not able to log into my web app. What could be wrong? I'm getting errors about things deprecated and notices but nothing seems the cause of why I get a white screen when trying to log into my web app. Please help.

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    There are a lot of common web applications that are not compatible with PHP 5.3.x yet. This may be your problem depending on what errors you are getting. If you can step back to php 5.2.x (I do believe 5.2.12 is the latest) try and see if that fixes it. You may want to communicate with the publisher of your web app and see if they have known issues with php 5.3.x and if they have a fix. Hopefully that was helpful.
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