I recently bought a small CMS for a Flash website that I'm working on because I need a cheap solution to easily let the client manage his content. But on a Mac it's not possible to upload an image. You can see the progress bar going from 0% to 100% and the name of the image appears, but the image itself is no where on the server.

I did try
PHP Code:
as I saw as a solution online, but unfortunately this doesn't help. Actually by adding that the upload also won't work at PC.

CMS: Flash XML Editor Version 2 - Utilities - ActiveDen

A friend of mine is using this CMS already for a longer time and he advised me to use this CMS, but when I told him about this problem he said he never experienced it.
I tried the exact same CMS at his server and there it's working with both Mac and PC...
But on my own server and the server of the client it's not working. Both servers have the latest PHP version, also contacted the hosting company but they've no clue.

Hope anyone can help me out with this because the client is also on a Mac and don't know any other solution at the moment.