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    iWeb,09 limitations
    What are some drawbacks and limitations in iWeb,09?


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    What are you looking to make? What kind of web designer would you consider yourself? In my opinion, it's really only good if you have no knowledge of web design and you need something simple and quick.
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    I agree with vansmith BUT with thought, ideas and trial and error, you can make a pretty great website...for "free" too.

    Take my site for instance....

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    Depends on what you need or want to make with it. At the end of the day, yes it has MANY MANY functionality gaps that you simply can not tackle BUT keep in mind that this is coming from me...a developer. I stick to DW CS4 and simply can not get the even close functionality with iWeb. But most people are perfectly fine with it and it suits their needs and abilities.

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    Hope that made sense lol
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