Hi there,

I created a slideshow in Keynote that I wanted to transfer to my website that is built in iWeb.
In the Keynote slideshow I have pictures, graphs and have incorporated animation (page flip) and music.
I dragged it onto a page on my iWeb site and here are the questions I have:

1. When I drag it I get the slideshow with the page flip animation to work fine, but the music is gone. Is there a step I am missing? ****EDIT**** I figured this part out, I needed to "record" my slideshow in Keynote, forgot to do that part

2. The quality is really poor, very pixelated, unless I opt for the LARGE version of Quicktime when I export from Keynote. Any idea why? It looks fine in Keynote

3. The Quicktime file size, even when I use the "small and medium" size file from Keypoint is really really big. I try to "reduce file size" in Keynote and get a message "all media is at it's optimal size". Is there another way to do this?

4. Finally, am I going about this the wrong way? Even though it is just pictures and graphs, should I be making this in iMovie instead and dragging that to iWeb? I have never used iMovie, but I am sure could figure it out.

Thanks for any help