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badmojo 05-15-2005 12:12 PM

Website hosting/creation for an "old dog"
My dad recently purchased an iMac G5, uses iPhoto 4, and is an avid photograper. He has a .mac subscription to which he's posted some pictures, but wants to take this a step further and get his own domain and create a simple, yet elegant, picture site.

Now he's an "old dog" and wants this to be as simple as possible. So I'm trying to help him figure out:

1) What software to use to easily create a web site. Emphasis on easy!

2) if Apple has their own domain service/ web hosting/ etc.

Given how well integrated Apple's products are, you'd think that they would carry this into the internet areana, providing customers with simple ways to develop and host a site.

jeremyjones 05-17-2005 11:22 PM

I personally use Dreamweaver 2004. It seems like over-kill for a beginner but it makes it really easy to learn. Lots of functions are built into it so there is no hard coding. Plus there are many templets, including templetes that are designed for photos. I work at a university so dreamweaver 2004 is only $86. So it might not be practical if you have to pay full price for it.

As for hosting. GoDaddy is great. There prices are the best around. Hosting starts out at $3.95 a month. Plus customer service is great. If you have a problem expect it to be solved very quickly. I buy all my domains through godaddy, and have one hosted through them too. GoDaddy

I hope this helps out. I had no experience with web design or hosting and this is the setup that I went with.

JRV 05-18-2005 05:16 PM

I still have some room on my server. PM me for more info.

spong 05-18-2005 08:49 PM

Does he ever use photoshop?

Just a thought, because PS has a batch function that will make a complete HTML gallery out of photos you select.

On a Mac, it's file / automate / web picture gallery.

I'm not sure I'd call it elegant, but for ease of use, especially if you already use PS, it has to be a winner.

Also, if you hadn't considered it - he can easily run his domain from the Mac - get a fixed IP, fire up Apache (web sharing in system preferences), and you're pretty much set.

Only downside is he needs to have the machine running 24/7, or at least all the time he wants to serve webpages.

este 05-18-2005 09:57 PM

Dreamweaver is definetly the best route to go, like it was mentioned it may seem like overkill but its about as noob proof as it gets!

For hosting: I use, great service, lots of space and bandwidth which can be a necessity with a image hosting website.

Photoshop does have afunction for an image gallery but itcan be a pain in the butt and the load time can be long depending on the amount of images he is trying to put on each gallery.

Look around some hosting services offer php and mySQL sciprts already installed that can make creating an image gallery very easy! basically you install the scriopt through your website's control panel (or get tech support to do it for you) and upload away!! not hard at all!

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