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    Software needed to create website mockup
    There is an organization in my town that I would like to work for. I'm a Computer Programmer and I've designed/implemented a few web applications but I have yet to successfully convey my usefulness to this organization. Trying to explain database development and web design to an HR person isn't easy you know!

    Then, I was hit with an idea. Their website is easily one of the worst on the web. It looks like someone created it with Frontpage '97.

    I'd like to create a mockup and print it out on large, glossy paper. Someone did the same for me last week and I thought it was a great way to present an idea.

    With that said, what program could I use to create a mockup? For obvious reasons I don't want to spend a month creating an actual website so I need something quick and dirty that will let me draw boxes, menus..that kind of thing.

    I've heard that "Pages" is pretty cool but maybe not for my application. Any other recommendations?

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    If you don't have Photoshop (what I use) or the "miles01110" suggestion of Paintbrush doesn't work for you I'd suggest downloading a demo of RapidWeaver or Sandvox and use one of their templates as a quick and dirty way of doing a site mock-up. You could easily create at least a partially working website (may be more impressive) and then tweak the code afterwards to your client's needs. I hope that was helpful.
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    Umm you can use pretty much anything to make a website mockup. Depending on the complexity or how in-depth you want to get that might change slightly.

    IE. if you want to actually have the graphics in place and finished, instead of having square and rectangles for images with "X" through them.

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks...can make mockups and you can slice up the layout so it's partly finished for whoever is working on it.

    Then there is always gimp. Pixelmator, which is probably my favorite for Mac.

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